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Bring Fine Dining Home

Demystifying the Art of Gourmet Cooking

for the Home Chef

Anyone who has met our Executive Chef, Chef Simon Phillips, or has dined with us at d'Alti Gusti will be familiar with our take on "unpretentious luxury".

"The best food is always that which we forget to Instagram," says Chef, "when we're too caught up in the moment, or it smells so good we forget our phones for a second."

Fine dining is about creating a context for friendships to bloom, families to become closer, and for life and love to be shared. And that's why the dining table used to always be the heart of the home.


This is the inspiration for the Masterclasses led by Chef Simon: to reclaim the true essence of fine dining and bring it home, where it belongs.

The lost art of entertaining and the joy of wholesome home-cooked meals doesn't have to be arduous or time consuming. It doesn't require a Michelin star to look and taste fantastic. And it should never be so complicated that one with passion and heart cannot master it.


"Armed with recipes ancient and modern, sometimes twisted and tweaked, but always delicious, I want to show you why being a chef is among the most privileged professions. We are purveyors of joy pedlars of love. And you can be, too!"

Chef Simon Phillips

Upcoming MasterClasses
MasterClass 2002-1.jpg

Behind the Scenes


31 July (Sunday) from 11:00am

Explore the inspiration behind the Aeneid Degustation menu with its creator, Chef Simon Phillips, and learn how to prepare some of the menu's highlight dishes, including:

—Rillettes of Trout with Herbed Bavarois

—Liquid Caprese

—Seafood medley all'arrabbiata

—Brûlée confit pork belly

Registration for this masterclass is available at RM299 per participant. To book your slot please get in touch with our friendly reservations team at 011-1020 0380.

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