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d'Alti Gusti

private dining


Sempre l'Estate


In a last glance at summer, wishing it would never end, this menu narrates the transition towards the midpoint between solstices when daylight no longer conquers night, and autumn officially begins.

The interplay between light and dark culminates in the monkfish main course, where the fish is served not with the citrus notes of the previous courses, but rather with a brooding spiced beurre rouge made from auburn vermouth; the steak option even more firmly in autumnal tones with its porcini and foie gras sauce. Yet, like the month of September itself, we end with one of those random days of sunshine that take us back to summer; although the peach “snow” portends the winter days ahead.




gli Aperitivi

Battuta di Manzo Rubicone

hand-chopped beef tenderloin crudo mixed with the traditional roman condiments, presented on toasted brioche with bone marrow brown butter


Crudo e Cotto di Salmone

tartare of three salmons – hot-smoked, cold-smoked, and sashimi – in a cilantro and jade lemon vinaigrette, mounted on toasted brioche and served with a side of yuzu butter



gli Antipasti

Torta di Granchio

herbed crabcake of blue swimmer crab meat, lightly seared in butter, and served with a limoncello aioli


Pollo Pigato

ligurian clear broth of chicken simmered in pigato grape wine



la Pasta

Fettuccine Amalfitane

fresh cut fettucine tossed in limoncello and pecorino with mint and parsley




The AG Frosted Limoncello Kafir Limedrop



i Secondi

Filetto di Manzo alla Burro Fegato

pan-roasted F1 filet mignon in a crema of porcini and foie gras with Pedro Ximénez sherry


Rana Pescatrice al Burro Antica

roasted monkfish tail in Carpano Antica vermouth beurre rouge



il Dolce

Panna Cotta e Neve di Pesca

traditional Piedmontese panna cotta topped with peach 'snow'




Our Seasonal Menus, which change roughly once a month, are meticulously curated dining experiences

that engage guests in a journey of tastes and flavours set around a theme and incorporating 

the freshest seasonal ingredients. Presented over six to eight courses, these table d'hôte menus offer

a choice of entrée between two main course proteins. 

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