d'Alti Gusti

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September 04 – October 09, 2022


The debut menu of d'Alti Gusti Executive Sous Chef, Jonathan Ng, AUTONNO encapsulates

the comforting tastes, textures, colours, and flavours of Autumn in a progression of seven

courses that presents a creative modern take on the classics of Italian Autumn cuisine.

At once, Winter's overture and Summer's ritornello,

Chef Jonathan promises a journey that eases us into the embrace of the season

with dishes that catch the eye, warm the tummy, and touch the heart.

to view the menu, click the link below:

Autumn 2022 "AUTONNO" Menu

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Our Seasonal Menus, which change roughly once a month, are meticulously curated dining experiences

that engage guests in a journey of tastes and flavours set around a theme and incorporating 

the freshest seasonal ingredients. Presented over five to eight courses, these table d'hôte menus offer

a choice of entrée between two main course proteins.