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Dining at d'ALTI GUSTI
Terms & Conditions

  1. Reservations are accepted at the Management’s discretion.

  2. Operating hours for dinner reservations are 7:00pm-11:30pm. Doors will open 20 minutes before your chosen start time.

  3. The pricing of dining experiences and any variance thereof is at the Management's discretion and agreed and finalised with guests at the time of booking. 

  4. The Seasonal Menu is a table d'hôte menu priced based on the progression of courses in the menu provided. Whilst variations to accommodate special dietary requirements and food allergies are always accommodated if possible, particular dietary preferences that involve changes to components of the menu may incur additional charges.

  5. Bookings are confirmed with the payment of a deposit amounting to 50% of the total cost of the menu per guest.

  6. Booking deposits are due at the time of reservation.

  7. Tentative reservations without a paid deposit may be vacated for another group without prior notice.

  8. Dining deposits are non-refundable except in the following situations:

    • Cancellation of reservations by the Management for any reason: 100% refund.

    • Reduction of the number of guests due to infection with COVID-19 or government-mandated self-isolation confirmed by MySejahtera: 100% refund of the deposits of the affected guests.

  9. Rescheduling of confirmed reservations is permitted 10 days or more prior to the dining date, subject to availability and the prevailing menu price on the rescheduled date.

  10. A 10% Service Charge is applied to the final bill.

  11. The consumption of outside food is not permitted with the exception of whole cakes for particular celebrations. Should additions to the menu be required, we are happy to discuss your additional needs.

  12. Free Corkage Policy

    1. The Chef Patron desires to create an environment where guests can enjoy good wine and food free of additional charges. This is why d’ALTI GUSTI initiated its free corkage policy. 

    2. Guests are kindly asked to be cognisant that the provision of wine chilling, opening, decanting and pouring services, as well as the provision of stemware is a courtesy and not a right.

    3. In general, one champagne glass, one white wine glass, and one red wine glass will be provided for each guest. Our staff are trained in the service of wine to offer a rinse pour for each new bottle of wine. Regrettably it is not possible to offer multiple glasses.

    4. If specialist stemware or multiple glasses for side-by-side tasting are needed, guests are always welcome to bring their own.

    5. Out of an abundance of caution, our staff will not handle stemware brought by guests, although facilities will be provided for guests to rinse their glasses if necessary.

  13. Decorum

  1. The Chef Patron desires that all guests feel welcome and thoroughly at home at his private kitchen. The provision of service to the very highest standards is always our aim for every guest we welcome. However, indecorous, rude, abusive, and entitled behaviour on the part of guests will not be tolerated.

  2. The Management absolutely reserves the right to deny service to any individual or group that it deems not to respect the decorum of the establishment.

  3. Like other exclusive establishments, to ensure decorum, we maintain  “non grata” and “vietato” lists with the names of individuals who will be denied the ability to make a reservation, and those who will be denied service even as the guest of another patron, respectively.

  4. If patrons feel that they have potential guests who often display  behavioural traits that would have them, essentially, blacklisted from establishments with standards of conduct, they are encouraged to enquire as to whether they are on our censure lists before inviting them.

  5. Our "non grata" and "vietato" lists containing reasons for censure are available for public inspection upon application via email to

  6. To maintain order, no non-dining guests are permitted.

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